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Ok, I am not officially THE cook in my house, my husband Eric is, and I am totally okay with it. Like seriously! Who wouldn’t want their husbands to be the cook? I know…super blessed over here. When...

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Kidscents Oils

Young Living has an amazing line of five oils specifically designed for your little oilers called KidScents. They are pre-diluted and ready to use for kids. With being a mom of 2 littles, the KidScents...

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Farm Experience

I remember what I thought about oils before visiting my first Young Living farm. I loved the products and used the products, but there was little passion.  The products were just like any other...

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Silver Retreat

It is my privilege to talk to y’all about one of my very favorite topics, drumroll please… Essential oils. Cue the Jumanji drums, cause these powerful plant potions are where it’s at. For...

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Family Wellness

Hi! Amanda Pistner, here and I cannot wait to share my story with you. I am a southern girl living in Washington, PA.  I am doing this thing called life alongside my husband, Rich, and our three...

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