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I remember what I thought about oils before visiting my first Young Living farm. I loved the products and used the products, but there was little passion.  The products were just like any other products in my daily life.  Sure I read the Seed to Seal guarantee, believed it, and taught it to others, but did I really know what that meant?  Did I really understand the significance? It  was soon on my first experience to a Young Living  farm that I realized what it all meant. 

My first Young Living farm experience was during my silver retreat in 2016.  Young Living hosted me and other silver leaders at their Mona Farm in Utah.  And while we had just missed the annual lavender harvest, there was so much to see one trip could not fit it all in. We got to play in the freshly cut Juniper chips, watch them load the chips into the huge distillers, see the floral water and essential oil  flow thru all the machines! What was memorable was seeing that  huge vat of chips equal such a small amount of essential oil.  

There were staff and employees all over the farm to answer any and all questions but we also had time to just wander the farm and explore on our own.  I still remember the feel of the grass on my bare feet and the feel of the cool spring water on my feet from the small creek that runs through the property.  In that moment I felt so connected to the land, the plants and the oils that come from there. 

I was one of the lucky ones who was able to hear  Gary Young speak at that retreat for an hour. He spoke about  soil quality and cultivating and in that speech, he made me realize his passion and those standards are applied to all the Young Living farms and partner farms.  Just because Young Living doesn’t own the farm does not mean Gary did not have his hand in their processes. Partner farm materials are  held to the exact same standards as Young LIving  owned farms.  His transparency was so truthful, mind opening and refreshing. It is apparent that is what Young Living is built on and continues to duplicate through their leadership.

I have since visited that same farm 2 more times at convention tours and while each time is special, having a more private experience was more meaningful. If you have a chance to get to any of the farms or partner farms DO IT and don’t hesitate.  GO! You won’t regret it.  Also if you find yourself lacking passion or feel like you are just peddling a product GO TO A FARM!  I promise you will feel completely different after. 

My first farm experience will always hold a special place in my heart because I got to hear Gary speak and see him in his element, while I didn’t get to speak to him or take a picture with him, he still made a lifelong impression on me.

In the end, what did I discover by actually visiting the farm, seeing the process and feeling the grass/soil under my feet (seriously great energy in those grounds if you go get those shoes off!)?  I discovered a passion that I didn’t know was missing, a connection not only to the product but to the company, and a better understanding of what type of company Gary and Young Living stand for and strive for.

Lauren Sulovski

Lauren is a Gold Leader with Young Living and a mom of a sweet baby boy. Her fertility journey of 10 years covered everything imaginable. With the introduction of Young Living products and community, she finds joy in bringing her experience to others. Follow her on instagram @lks_0720 or Email:

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