Healthy Living Healthy Home: 10 Essential Thieves Oil Uses

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When you are trying to bolster your health and well-being, it doesn’t get much better than learning about essential oils and how they impact your body.

Thieves oil is an excellent essential oil that you can use to help your body in many different ways, but why is this essential oil so impactful?

Read on and get to know some thieves oil uses that can be helpful to your life!

Embrace the Many Thieves Oil Uses

First off, you should get to know exactly what thieves oil is. Thieves oil refers to a concoction that consists of lemon, rosemary, clove, cinnamon, and eucalyptus essential oils. Thieves oil is excellent from a holistic point of view for several reasons, including the following 10 I’ve listed here. 

1. It Can Support Your Immune System

Your immune system is critically important because it refers to your body’s ability to ward off sickness. Whether you are dealing with major or minor health issues, a working immune system is absolutely essential.

Essential oils work in concordance with your body so that your immune system is is supported and functions at the best ability for you. Thieves Vitality, when taken internally per label instructions, can support your immune system. 

2. You Will Experience Amazing Respiratory Health Benefits 

Thieves Vitality, when taken internally, can support your respiratory system.  When your respiratory system is functioning as it’s designed, you can breathe fully and deeply. Whether daily, seasonal or the occasional need, Thieves Vitality can be effective. Also, diffusing Thieves is an excellent way to enjoy this aroma!

3. Thieves Oil Is Great for Your Bloodflow and Circulatory Health

Poor blood flow is linked from everything to lethargy and erectile dysfunction to heart attack and poor brain function. Cinnamon is one of the most useful oils for your circulatory health. Since thieves oil contains cinnamon, you’ll get the support of you circulatory system when Thieves Vitality is used internally.  When you have a supported circulatory system, it is helpful for so many aspects of wellness. 

Utilizing Thieves Vitality blend can help your long-term health by supporting your circulatory system. 

4. You’ll Be Able to Bolster Your Mood

A whiff of thieves oil is excellent for your mood. It promotes positivity and brain endorphins, which go a long way toward helping you have an amazing day. Who couldn’t use that?

5. It Is Excellent as a Cleaning Product

There are plenty of toxic chemical-based cleaning products that are harmful to your lungs, skin, and general health. When you use thieves oil, you get amazing cleaning benefits without having to even touch these chemicals. 

People create thieves oil mixtures to clean everything from their bathrooms and kitchens to floors and linens. Your home will smell fresh and be clean when you choose to clean with thieves oil. 

Young Living has its own Thieves cleaning line too! This stuff is a powerhouse when it comes to safe, effective, and healthy cleaning. 

6. You Can Use It for an Air Freshener 

Since thieves oil has so many aromatic qualities, you owe it to yourself to use it in a diffuser or as an air freshener. 

There are several aromatherapy benefits that are great for your psychological health, emotional well-being, and physical health. With just a few drops, your entire room will be filled with the pleasant scent of thieves oil. 

As you inhale and take some deep breaths, your body will relax, your mood will elevate and you will feel at peace as you clean, unwind or otherwise go about your day. 

7. There Are Inherent Dental Health Benefits

You’ll also note that thieves vitality oil has several dental benefits as well. It acts as an amazing mouthwash or mouth rinse whenever you choose to use it as such. 

This way, your teeth will sparkle and your breath will be fresher than ever. Thieves vitality oil is included in tootpastes, mouthwash, even floss – all to help support your dental health. 

8. It Tastes Amazing in Certain Foods

With potent doses of cinnamon and lemon oil, you can also add a few drops to your food. Particularly, people love putting Thieves Vitality oil in apple sauce in order to give it a little bit of spice. 

This adds some contrast to the sweetness, which allows you to really love the way it tastes. 

9. You Can Create a Tea That Promotes Vitality and Wellness

Few things promote overall health and wellness like amazing tea. You can sip on some Thieves Vitality tea to experience a world of wellness and mood-enhancing benefits. 

People love enjoying this tea each morning to start their days off on the right note. 

10. Thieves Oil Can Help Fight Those Wintertime blues

Finally, stay above the wellness line physically and emotionally by incorporating Thieves and Thieves Vitality through the seasons. Between supporting your emotional wellness and physical wellness – you will be ready as each new day and season changes!

Get Some Amazing Thieves Oil Today

These thieves oil uses are a gamechanger for your life in a number of different ways. 

When you take this essential oil, it will really help you feel your absolute best. Don’t just take our word for it – try it out for yourself!

Check out our thieves oil products so that you can begin reaping the benefits.

Make a wish, say a prayer, create your life.

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