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When I opened my PSK in the fall of 2016, I  set up my new diffuser and added a couple drops of Thieves and my husband HATED it! He hated the smell, he called them my “snake oils” and literally thought I was crazy for spending that kind of money (that we didn’t have) on essential oils. You see I was smack dab in the middle of nursing school, just went part time at work to make school happen and money was TIGHT.

LONG STORY SHORT, the oils worked. We made crazy strides in my son’s health in just a couple months and I could not stop talking about them. I enrolled a couple people and on New Years Eve I made Senior Star. On January 1st, I decided to give the business my all for one month and see what happened. My team knocked Executive out of the park just a couple days before the end of the month. In March, our team became a SILVER team and not without my husband’s criticism. You see I really wanted to attend Convention in June in that year and my husband said I could go if we hit Silver (because he didn’t think we could actually would!) THAT’S THE MOMENT THAT MY BUSINESS BEGAN TO CHANGE.

  1. FIND A PRODUCT that he can relate to. Just like you find a need for one of your members, you need to find an oil or supplement that works for your husband. If he refuses to try them, then you need to have a conversation about how it makes you feel when he won’t try them
  2. INVOLVE HIM IN YOUR BUSINESS. How can he support something if he does not have clue what is going on? Is he really good at planning? Is he good with money? Does he have a business mind? Think about what role he’d be really good at playing in your business and have him fill that role. My husband is a LEADER. He loves to be in the trenches with my team teaching classes or empowering my leaders to do more for their business. This is his moment to shine and I love watching him do it.  
  3. ENROLL YOUR HUSBAND. YL did this cool thing where we can now enroll our spouses and bring them on board with our business. He can manage his own account and enroll his co-workers (or whoever!) I bet when he gets his first paycheck he’ll love this business a little more!
  4. GET HIM TO EVENTS. Please, please, please take your husbands to the Convention and the farm (another pivotal moment). Again, he’s getting a peak into the company and what they stand for and why you love them so much! When you earn a retreat, please bring your husband! Mary Young’s closing speech at Silver Retreat sealed the deal for my husband. There is nothing ANYONE can say about Young Living that my husband will not stand up against now. He’s literally itching for our Gold Retreat Getaway later this summer.

If you do those things and he’s still not on board, please reach out to me. My husband would love to meet your husband and talk about how YL has forever changed the course of our lives!

Ashley is a Gold Leader with Young Living, Coastie Wife and Mother to two children, a girl and a boy. They are stationed in Cleveland, OH which is coincidentally where they also grew up! Before Young Living, she worked in Pediatrics at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital while studying to become a registered nurse. Because of Young Living, Ashley is finally living the life she loves and stays home with her two children, while growing her oily family! Through education she teaches others to READ THE LABELS and to never be afraid to stand up for your family’s health! Follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleynicolehudson 

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