How to Rock 2020 Being a Mom Boss but Still Mom

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In today’s world, being a mom boss means being able to do it all. From heading a PTA conference to presenting a great idea at your next board meeting, being a mompreneur in 2020 involves wearing multiple hats often at the same time.

Which begs the question, as working women, can we truly have it all? The answer is yes.

If you’re not sure how, read on for more information to help you get started.

What to Know About Being a Mom Boss

Before we dive into the tips that make you a great mom boss it’s important to know that any woman is capable of being a mom boss in her own right. It doesn’t matter your background, your age, your race, or your education level.

Being a mom boss simply means having the hustle and the drive to do what needs to be done no matter what.

However, it also means knowing how to balance it all and take care of yourself. Try to incorporate these tips into your day-to-day routine to be the queen of the conference room and the playroom.

Know When to Say No

Often as working mothers, we feel some extra guilt and are flooded with questions. Are we giving the kids enough attention? Are we supporting them enough? Are we being good role models?

As a result, we tend to overcompensate. We say yes to every play date, every birthday party, and every school event that needs volunteering. At the end of the day, we end up burnt out and turned off.

Here’s the thing, that’s not what our children need from us. They need moms that are passionate about their lives and everything that goes into it. And if we’re running ragged from all the obligations that we made, that’s the opposite of what we’re giving them.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Remember when a kid’s birthday party involved a giant pizza, a pack of Capri Sun and a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese? Thanks to the invention of mommy blogs and Pinterest it seems that those days are over.

Your one year old really doesn’t care if they have a Little Prince theme for their next birthday. And frankly, neither should you.

You have enough on your plate without comparing yourself to the many bloggers and Instagrammers creating picture-perfect parties for their child.

Kids want to play with their friends, eat their favorite cake, and beat the life out of pinata for their birthday. The rest is really for the parents, so don’t kill yourself over the small stuff.

Remember Your Why

When you miss an event or are late turning in that presentation for work because you were staying up all night with a child with the flu, it’s important to revisit your why.

Your why is the drive behind everything that you do. If you need to write it on a Post-It note and stick it to your laptop, so be it. Maybe your why is that you want to be a strong role model for your children, and an example that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Maybe your why is that you want to provide your children with everything that they need. Maybe it’s simply the fact that you want to give your child every opportunity that they need in life without having to worry about finances.

Whatever your why is revisit it as often as possible, especially on those days where you’re running low on gas. Which brings us to our next point…

Recharge Often

I know what you’re thinking. There are only so many hours in a day, and a bubble bath simply doesn’t make the cut most of the time.

While many bloggers love to go on and on about self-care, the truth is you don’t have to dedicate a whole night or even an hour to self-care. Self-care can be as simple as taking 5 deep breaths, quickly jotting down three things you’re grateful for, or going for a quick run in the morning.

Keep an emergency list near your desk of ways to be kind to yourself at a moment’s notice. Remember there are countless ways to take care of yourself throughout the day and it will make you a better boss and a better mom as well.

Celebrate Your Wins

Often as moms and bosses, we tend to focus on the next task or goal at hand. We hit one Milestone just to start planning for the next one. While it’s great to be ambitious, you also have to slow down sometimes and fix your crown.

If you never stop to congratulate yourself or to have a mini celebration for the amazing job you do day in and day out, you’ll quickly go from loving everything you do to resenting it.

Just like visiting your why, it’s important to celebrate your how. After all, it takes some extra oomph to be able to do what you do. Then you can get back to work.

Diving Deep

Another essential part of being a mom boss? Staying on top of your A-game and ahead of the curve. This means using some of that self-care time to read and research the many articles and tips that can help you keep it all together.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our blog for more tips on how to have it all in the style.

Make a wish, say a prayer, create your life.

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