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More men are falling in love with self-care. And it’s no wonder why — women love feeling good, and sooner or later, men would jump on the bandwagon.

But how do men practice self-care? Are they giving themselves a good shave, spraying some cologne, and treating themselves to a haircut? More men are using essential oils to achieve better health.

Are you interested in trying essential oils? Shutran oil is one of the most recommended essential oils for men. It can be used for grooming and can make you feel more confident. Continue reading to understand why you need to try Shutran oil.

What Is Shutran Oil?

Shutran oil is actually a combination of different essential oils. These include:

  • Ocotea
  • Idaho blue spruce
  • Hinoki
  • Ylang ylang
  • Davana
  • Coriander
  • Cedarwood
  • Lavender
  • Northern lights black spruce
  • Lemon

The result is a unique essential oil that can rejuvenate the man’s mind and body.

Shutran oil has an interesting effect on the body. Oils such as lemon are energizing and invigorating. At the same time, ylang ylang helps you feel happy and positive. Lavender is also a mood-boosting oil that can leave you feeling calm and collected.

Fun fact – hormones regulate your metabolism, sexual health, tissue function, sleep, reproduction, and mood. When you are supporting your body physically and emotionally, your bodily systems function as they are intended – including systems responsible for hormones like the endocrine system.

Why You Should Use Shutran Oil Over Other Essential Oils

While other essential oils will benefit your mind and body, Shutran oil is one of the few oils that will specifically benefit men.

The unique blend of oils provides a very masculine scent. With a combination of Idaho and Northern lights blue spruce smells fresh and natural, like the wilderness. There are also hints of spice from Ocotea and certain oils such as Davana smell sweet.

When you use a Shutran oil product on your skin, this unique scent will linger — making you feel more masculine and confident.

If you want to use the oil alone, breathing in this unique fragrance will inspire motivation and creativity. This oil is ideal for men who are feeling blockage in artistry, their career, or in life.

Shutran oil also targets just about every chakra in the body. However, this oil specifically targets sacral and root chakras. This means Shutran oil will make you feel more confident and secure, even supports your sexual reproductive health.

Who Should Use Shutran Oil?

Shutran oil is safe to use for men of all ages. Shutran oil is unique because it’s specifically formulated for men and is perfect to wear as a cologne and for healing purposes.

Different Shutran Oil Products

If you’re interested in trying Shutran oil, it’s best to find a specific product you want. Here’s a look at the different products made with Shutran oil.

Shutran Essential Oil

You can buy Shutran oil in its original form as an essential oil blend. This oil has no carrier, so it’s best used to breathe in its scent.

Open the oil and take a deep breath to feel more confident and masculine. You can also place the oil in a diffuser so your whole home smells amazing.

You can also dab a little bit of the oil on your skin and wear it as a cologne. Use two-four drops on your neck or wrist to smell refreshing all day.

Shampoo and Body Wash

If you want to use Shutran oil daily, your best option is to use a wash formulated with Shutran oil. There are shower gels available made with the unique essential oil blend that can also cleanse your face, hair, and body.

These body washes are gentle enough for daily use and won’t strip your hair and skin of the natural oils. You’ll feel fresh and clean, all while smelling amazing.

All you have to do is lather the wash over your hair, face, and body while in the shower. Rinse.

Bar Soap

As an alternative, you can use a bar of bar soap. You can cleanse your face and body with soap or use it to wash your hands. The best Shutran oil bar soap is made with moisturizing ingredients, such as shea butter and olive oil.

All you have to do is wet the bar soap and rub it over your body.

Shave Cream

Are you looking to get the closest shave all while smelling incredible? The Shutran oil shave cream will moisturize your skin and will help give you the closest shave.

Look for a shaving cream made with moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E, olive oil, grape seed oil, and cocoa butter. All of these ingredients will help prevent razor burn and nicks while leaving your face and neck smelling wonderful.

To use, wet your face with warm water and apply a thin, even layer to your hair. Shave as normal. Rinse off excess product. Follow with aftershave.


To ensure you have the best shave, you can also use Shutran oil in an aftershave.

Just apply it to your skin after shaving. Your skin will feel moisturized and refreshed after a close shave. The invigorating essential oil blend will also leave you smelling amazing all day.

Look for ingredients such as argan oil and coconut oil that look calm the skin without leaving your face feeling heavy.

Beard Oil

Prefer growing out your whiskers? If so, Shutran beard oil is also available. Beard oil is necessary to condition your beard and the skin underneath. The fragrant oils will also leave your beard smelling fresh and woodsy.

Just rub a dime-sized amount of oil all over your beard. Style your beard or just simply comb the oil through.

Are You Looking for Essential Oils?

More men are using essential oils, such as Shutran oil.

Shutran oil is a unique oil specifically designed for men. It has many benefits for both the body and mind, helping you feel more confident and masculine while supporting your endocrine system.

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