The Natural Move: Why More Dentists Are Turning to Holistic Dental Care

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Holistic dental care focuses on a patient-centered approach to dental care. Holistic dentists believe your overall health is directly tied to your oral health.

The interest in preventative medicine is booming, and the holistic dentistry field is growing in popularity. Holistic dentists see teeth as a vital part of the body that can affect overall health in a variety of ways.

The main objective of holistic dentistry is to identify oral disease or structural issues and use the safest and least toxic way to diagnose and treat patients.

As society becomes more focused on seeking natural alternatives in food, beauty products, and healthcare, the dental industry is taking note. Here’s why more and more dentists are turning to holistic dentistry.

The Case Against Fluoride

Mainstream dentists recommend fluoride toothpaste and fluoride treatments for patients of all ages. Holistic dentists are less likely to promote the benefits of fluoride.

Many feel fluoride does little to prevent cavities and could cause health problems as it builds up in the body. Fluoride is poisonous to the human body, and the lining of the mouth is very absorbent.

Holistic dentists may be wary of using fluoride products, and instead, favor finding safer, less toxic ways to prevent cavities.

No More Mercury

Mercury is a toxic substance dentists have used in fillings for many years. Although many dental offices are now Mercury-free, some dentists continue to use amalgam fillings, which contain up to 50% mercury.

Holistic dentists understand the risks of using and removing Mercury fillings. Using non-toxic bonding agents and metal-free fillings and crowns is a safe alternative.

High Tech, Less Invasive Treatment

Modern, holistic dentistry uses advanced technology to create innovative, less invasive dental treatments.

Holistic doesn’t mean completely all-natural. A holistic approach considers the person, their needs, and the healthiest and safest treatment.

They use modern technology to achieve the best treatment while trying to eliminate unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals.

The Whole Person Approach

Many traditional dentists don’t know the health history of their patients. As a dentist, it’s impossible to give individualized care without knowing your patients beyond their mouths.

Holistic dentistry considers the overall health of the patient and the best individual treatment plan for the patient’s needs. Considering the whole person and looking at their health from all angles helps to find the root cause of dental problems.

The Oral Health Connection

Oral health is connected to physical health. Infectious material and bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the oral cavity. 

This may lead to health issues that affect the heart, including cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. Poor oral health may affect pregnancy and contribute to premature birth or low birth weight.

Holistic dentistry focuses on the mouth’s connection to overall health. The condition of a patient’s teeth, gums, and mouth provide valuable clues about many conditions and diseases. 

Testing for Filling Compatibility

Many traditional dentists don’t consider how certain substances will react with a patient’s body. All patients are different, and what works with one patient may not work for another.

It makes sense to test a patient’s compatibility with a filling material before performing one. Holistic dentists take the time to check for biocompatibility before these procedures.

Removing Old Fillings

Many adults have silver or amalgam fillings that contain Mercury. It’s common for patients to choose a holistic dentist to remove these old fillings.

A holistic dentist takes extra precautions to remove this hazardous material and replace it with a safer resin or plastic material. Patients are entirely covered, and the dentist isolates the tooth for filling removal.

Although holistic and traditional dentists use the same types of anesthesia, holistic dentists sometimes give patients vitamin C to help with the stress of the procedure.

Minimal Use of X-Rays 

Exposure to radiation is cumulative over a lifetime. The fewer x-rays you receive over the years, the better. 

Of course, x-rays are necessary at times. One difference that sets holistic dentistry apart from traditional dentistry is the hesitancy to use x-rays.

Holistic dentists choose digital x-rays whenever they are necessary. These emit much less radiation than standard x-rays, which is better for the patient’s long-term health.

Minimize the Painkillers

Pain medications play a huge role in the healthcare industry and the dental industry, as well. Unfortunately, many doctors and dentists are quick to prescribe pain killers when there may be a safer, more natural solution.

In holistic dentistry, the goal is to avoid unnecessary medications. Although pain medication is necessary with some procedures, natural remedies are best whenever possible.

Children and Holistic Dental Care

The focus of holistic dentistry is overall health. This is especially important for children.

Their bodies are growing and vulnerable to x-rays and many toxic substances used in general dentistry. Parents who appreciate the “whole person” approach to medicine turn to holistic dentists to care for their children’s teeth.

Holistic dentists play a valuable role in the overall physical and emotional health of the children they care for.

A Safer Approach 

Holistic dentistry focuses on the whole-body approach to dental care. Holistic dentists know the patient’s health history as well as their current health issues matter.

They believe in using the safest and least invasive treatment possible. They understand that getting to know their patients is critical to providing proper care and making patients feel safe.

Holistic dentists believe that prevention is key to good oral health. When a patient needs dental treatment, they strive to use the safest, biocompatible materials possible.

The field of holistic dental care is for dentists who believe in the “whole person” concept of patient care.

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