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Nicole Mescia

Waynesville, NC

Nicole is first a Momma to a beautiful girl, Elara, age 8. She was adopted out of foster care as an infant by her wonderful parents, Elaine and Nick. She excelled in swimming in high school, placing in the Junior Olympics. After college, she began a 15 year career in pharmaceutical and medical device sales. She was the top rep multiple years in a row and able to work with some of the top brain surgeons in the U.S. After a friend in Medicine introduced her to Young Living, she began using them personally, while she educated herself on this new field. As she began to notice health improvements, improved sleep and mood, she started letting go of chemicals she was relying on and tools that were no longer serving her on her path inward. After diffusing Lavender and Valor, she started noticing deeper sleep and by 2015 was off all medications. As she began talking about her health improvements to friends and what she was doing, people naturally wanted to try the oils, and by 2016 she was Gold level and quit her job, sold her home and bought a farm (Gaia Arise Farm) in Waynesville. She now fosters animals, including Alpaca, goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens, and a peacock, and grows hemp for her Gaia Arise Farms Apothecary in downtown Waynesville. c.2019 In 2019 she added Dr. Todd Stone, a functional (natural) medicine Doctor and now offers functional medicine and Five Elements Acupressure on a donation basis out of her Apothecary. Nicole is passionate about healing, holistic tools to go inside, nature, animals, traveling and music. She is equally passionate about helping people connect to their worth, their source and take control and empower their lives to follow the dreams they hold dear inside. To walk through fear to lead by love and to make miracles happen in their own lives.

Make a wish, say a prayer, create your life.

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