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Essential oils are showing up everywhere. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has never heard of or tried essential oils at least once (unless you have been living under a rock somewhere). It is easy to understand why essential oils are so popular. The benefits of leading an oily lifestyle are numerous.

Just because essential oils are growing in popularity does not mean all essential oil brands are created equally. It is important to choose high-quality essential oils like those offered by Young Living and not a cheap imitation that is sure to disappoint.

What makes Young Living so different? It is the “seed to seal” promise included with all Young Living products. It is not just some cheesy slogan we toss out there to sell product. It is the calling of Young Living CEO Gary Young and everyone who is part of the Young Living oily journey. Young Living farms are leading the way with their environmentally-friend and ethical planting, growing, and harvesting. Every Young Living product comes with this assurance.

What are essential oils?

Curious about trying essential oils but need to know more about them first? No problem! We have got you covered. To break it down simply, the oily goodness inside plants, herbs, and trees is extracted in concentrated form. Since it is a pure extract, the oil is more potent than anything you will find in dried herbs and botanicals. You can diffuse them, apply them directly to the skin, ingest them, or combine them with other products to enjoy the benefits.

When Gary Young launched Young Living, one of the things he quickly noted was a discrepancy in the quality of other essential oils on the market. That is what drove his commitment to ensuring Young Living’s essential oil products were pure and potent.

Essential oils are used to enhance our lives in many ways. From promoting a healthier lifestyle to helping our homes smell heavenly, there are many uses for essential oil products. Look at our product page if you need further evidence of the versatility of essential oils. You will be amazed.

Benefits of living an oily lifestyle

Now that you know what essential oils are, let’s talk about how they can enhance your life.

  1. They help promote relaxation
    Anxiety. Stress. If we are being honest, we will admit that our lives are full of both. Roughly 43 percent of people who admit to struggling with stress or anxiety say they turn to essential oils to help them cope. Essential oils like Young Living’s Stress Away blend help support a feeling of calm. With lavender, lime, vanilla, copaiba, and cedarwood, you can diffuse your worries away. Want a solution you can apply directly to the skin? Consider trying the Tranquil Roll-On.
  2. They enhance your mood
    Think about it. Certain fragrances just make us feel … happier. Science tells us the reason for this phenomenon. Smell is one of our strongest senses. The fragrance of vanilla may remind us of baking with our grandma. The scent of pine can evoke a feeling of being carefree in nature. Essential oils like lemongrass, frankincense, peppermint, and sandalwood can instantly boost our moods.
  3. They support a healthy lifestyle
    From cleaning products to personal grooming products, some commercial products are chock full of nasty ingredients. It is why many people start using essential oils. They are looking for a more natural, eco-friendly solution.

Getting started on your oily journey

When you are new to the oily lifestyle, it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to choose which products to try first. On Call Essentials is all about supporting you at every stage of your oily journey. One of the things we recommend for first-time oilers is starting out with the Young Living Starter Bundle.

This bundle is jam-packed with 11 of our premium essential oils, so you never have to choose which ones to sample first. Only the best of the best is included in this bundle. You can get a taste of the oily lifestyle without breaking the bank. Oilers who order a bundle receive an amazing price break that does not stop with your initial order. You receive an additional 24 percent off all future orders.

Young Living’s starter bundle includes a selection of top-quality essential oils with a variety of applications. You also will receive educational materials and access to resources that can help you as you progress in your oily journey. The bundle starts at $165, depending on your selection of diffusers. Retail value is more than $400, so it is quite the steal!

You have two ordering options with the Young Living Starter Bundle. Option 1 includes perks like 24 percent off retail pricing and reduced shipping costs. Option 2 includes all the same benefits as Option 1, with an additional opportunity to choose a personal oily consultant to answer your questions.

When it comes right down to it, you simply cannot go wrong when you commit to leading an oily lifestyle. Welcome aboard!

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