Defining and reaching your WHY….and what to do when you get there

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So you’ve decided to give this Oil thing a go. CONGRATS!  You are now one of us! A slightly crazy, but fun and happy oil person!  

Hey! I’m Larissa, currently a Gold Leader with On Call Essentials.  I got started in this business because the oils WORKED and I just felt like people needed to know!  And then the money started to come in. I realized, HELLO, this could actually be life changing?! 

Once I got started, I got more and more excited.  I surrounded myself with people who wanted me to succeed in life, people who were happy, positive and good influences.  Through the oils I have made some of my VERY best friends. 

1 ½ years into my membership with Young Living, my husband and I quit our lucrative jobs.  Our why had always been to get Josh out of his terrible working situation and I really wanted a more fulfilling job. I strived for a mentally fulfilling job. One where I could think freely, brainstorm, have fun and talk about God if I wanted  to.

We made the decision and quit!  Yes, you read that correctly. We quit our jobs. Both of us. We also sacrificed our big beautiful dream house, and moved away from our friends.  Sounds scary, but, we moved 3 hours away to be closer to our families and we bought a Garden Center/Florist shop. ALL of these decisions were because of Young Living.  We knew nothing about greenhouses, running a garden center or being a florist. It was a risk and it was a sacrifice. But 100% of our decision was based ultimately on the fact that we felt this was where we needed to be to best grow our Young Living business!  

The best part?  Our decisions, while  crazy to some, WORKED!  

Our team has been flourishing in just the year that we have been here.  We have seen growth like you would not believe. We also got our “Why”. Our family is together & fulfilled.

Now what?

I’ve had to reevaluate how I do business.  Now, I get to interact with customers all day long and talk about Young Living all day if I want to.  My prospecting is way different than it was a year ago, and that’s OK! The BEAUTY of Young Living is that you can incorporate it into YOUR life.  There is no right way, wrong way, or secret recipe. The “secret” is to find a way to do it naturally, within your life. 

I’ve had to reevaluate my “Why”.  What happens when you reach your why?  It’s not something we generally think about and when we do we picture sunshine, rainbows and birds chirping!  

But then what? What if it is everything you expected? What if it’s not? What is next?

You reevaluate.  You think about what you REALLY want.  You convince yourself that YOU are WORTHY of that.  You dream bigger, and you set out for that dream. For almost a year I didn’t have a “Why” except just moving forward, because I  enjoy the challenge. I realized, however, that I needed more than that.  

My husband and I spent a lot of time brainstorming and talking out what we want, and finally we came up with a new & amazing “Why”.  Don’t be afraid to find a new why! Whys can change. Whys can shift. Whys can come true and you need a new one! There is no end to the possibility. YOu were designed for greatness, and continuing to reevaluate your Why will make sure you are always working towards what you  were made for. 

Dig Deep and Dream Big.  Often we are told to try to get to the root of what makes us want this.  That is true and helpful. But I think many of us are afraid to want too much.  Afraid of how it will sound, maybe? Afraid of what others might think? Afraid we will never get there.  Afraid to get ourselves too excited. 

Don’t be afraid.  You CAN get your heart’s deepest desires.  You ARE worthy. 

Action Steps:

  • Dig Deep Into your why. Answer these questions:
  • What do I want?
  • What do I want EVEN more than that?
  • What do I want EVEN MORE than that?!
  • What am I willing to sacrifice to get there? Time?  A comfortable job? Superficial relationships? 
  • What is my DREAM income?
  • Now multiply that by 100 and say to yourself “I AM WORTHY OF _____”

Don’t be afraid to revisit your why, talk about it with your family.  Get to the root of your why and dream on a new level!

Larissa Jones

Larissa Jones is a Gold Leader and the Owner of the Malaga Garden Center @soilandoils. She also runs Duplication Station, a Facebook group dedicated to classes and events. Follow her and her family on instagram at the_jones_familee

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