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Back to school is just around the corner (if your kiddos have not already started). If you are anything like me, you probably are scrambling to make sure you checked off every item on the supply list in preparation for the first day. Pencils, notebooks, binders, and calculators are just some of the things you cram into their backpacks in anticipation of their first day back. There is more to a successful start to the new school year than having the right supplies and some fancy new duds to wear. Essential oils play a role in a successful first day – and every day – at school for the new school year. Here are just some of the ways you can include essential oils in your back-to-school planning.

Essential oils for the day before back to school

Some kids get excited about returning to school. Other kids mourn the end of summer and fight you tooth and nail to get on that bus. No matter how your children react to the news that a new school year is upon them, one thing is certain: the night before the first day back can set the tone for the entire school year. Make sure your kids have everything they need to relax and get into the right frame of mind on the eve of back to school. Here are some oily tips for making that happen.

  • Pick out clothes for your first day back. When it comes to our kids, school is just as much about learning as it is about showing off your personal style. Getting dressed can be a source of frustration and anxiety for children. Help them choose an outfit the night before to eliminate the time suck that happens when they wait until the morning of their first day to decide.
  • Pack your supplies. Once you choose a first-day outfit, get the backpack fully stocked and ready to go. Only toss in what you think your child will need on their first day back. There is no need to load them down with every pencil, notebook, and eraser you purchased. Not much happens on the first day, so plan accordingly.
  • Get a good night’s rest. Sleep is important, even when school is not in session. Most families have a bedtime routine they follow for school nights to help their kids wind down and get plenty of shut-eye. It can be difficult for kids to transition from summertime sleep habits to schoolyear sleep habits. It takes an average of 24 hours for our bodies to adjust to a one-hour change in our sleep routines. You may want to start moving your kids’ bedtimes back a week before school starts to ensure their bodies are in tune with the new sleep and wake times. Another helpful tip is to diffuse some lavender essential oil in the kid-friendly Feather the Owl Diffuser. Feather pulls double-duty, acting as a diffuser and a night light. He also comes with a white noise option that can help block out sounds in the house that can keep your kiddos awake.
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Essential oils for the first day back to school

A healthy breakfast is the most important thing you can do to get your kids ready for their first day. In addition to a well-rounded breakfast that includes plenty of choices from the four food groups, consider offering them a serving of NingXia Red®. Packed with powerful antioxidants, it supports normal cellular function and promotes healthy energy levels.

MityVites are another way for your kids to get ahead of the learning curve. Packed with nutrient-dense minerals and vitamins, it can help give your mini-me the support needed to get through the day.

School can be a great source of anxiety for our kids. Essential oils can help. If your child turns into a ball of stress at the mere mention of school, consider using an essential oil roll-on designed to soothe and calm. Rub a few strokes into their wrists before sending them off for the bus. If permitted by your school district, you can send the roll-on with your child for reapplication throughout the day. Just check with your school to make sure it is allowed. Some schools have rules about children carrying anything with them besides the usual school supplies.

Essential oils for on going back to school support

Every year, kids miss an average of 11 days of school due to illness. Why? Because as cute as they are, they are little germ factories. It is just part of their charm. Knowing our kids are more prone to illness does not make it easier to juggle missed days of work to stay home with them. Boost your chances – and your kid’s immune system – with these oily lifestyle hacks.

  • Thieves® Waterless Hand Sanitizer can keep the ickies off your kids’ hands. Kids touch everything. Keep them from collecting bacteria and viruses with this stowed safely in their backpacks for use all day long. If your kids hate hand sanitizer, you can opt for hand-sanitizing wipes instead.
  • KidsScents SniffleEase Roll-On is the perfect solution when sniffles and stuffiness hit. Apply it directly to chests or throats for the best results.

Back to school oily ideas

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