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You love your essential oils. You are all in when it comes to living the oily lifestyle. Essential oils are your go-to solution for everything. From creating a calming environment to helping the teenager’s room smell less like a sweaty sock factory, the power of essential oils never ceases to astonish you. It has crossed your mind a few times to shout it from a mountaintop that is how excited you are about the amazing benefits of oiling.

Speaking of mountaintops, can you use your essential oils outdoors? Heck, yeah! Summer is almost here, and you know you will practically live outside once it arrives. If you have ever wondered how to take the power of Young Living outside with you, here is a handy guide on some of the best ways to do it.

Outdoor tip #1: freshen your 5th room

Many people affectionately refer to their outdoor hangouts as a fifth room. They love spending time on the patios, decks, and poolside. If your fifth room is smelling more like a musty locker room after months of sitting idle, it might be time to break out some of these oily solutions.

  • Lavender oil is a go-to any time you need to help knock the stink right out of cushions and other outdoor seating. Mix a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, water, and lavender. Fill the bottle half full of rubbing alcohol. Then, add at least 15 drops of lavender oil and top it off with water. Spray it liberally on any surface and let dry for the best results.
  • Tea tree oil is another powerful fighter against certain outdoor furniture smells. You can make a freshening powder using tea tree, lemon, and some baking soda. You will need a half cup of baking soda. Add 36 drops each of lemon and tea tree essential oils. Sprinkle it over cushions and other seating and let it work its magic for about 15 minutes. Then vacuum it off and wipe the cushions down.
  • Thieves™ is another option for outdoor scrubbing and freshening. You know it does an amazing job inside your home. You can also use it to clean your deck and patio and on any outdoor furniture.
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Outdoor tip #2: stop bugging me!

You love nature. Sadly, nature does not always love you back. Bugs can ruin any outdoor fun, especially if you are one of those people they seem to seek out in a crowd. Some of us are just tastier than others, apparently.

You do not have to let biting pests ruin your good time. Just reach for a bottle of peppermint essential oil to get those unwanted pests to stop bugging you. Flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and moths do not appreciate the smell of lavender and will avoid it. You can make your own “bug strips” of fabric you soak in peppermint oil and then hang strategically in your outdoor spaces.

Want to keep bugs off you while you are moving around outdoors? You can mix peppermint, rosemary, and clove oils and dilute them with water. About 36 drops of each oil are recommended for effectiveness. Then, spray it on your clothing or directly on your skin for the best results.

Young Living also offers a convenient insect repellent that is pre-mixed and ready to go if you do not want to mess with mixing essential oils yourself. The same ingredients come in a handy wipe if you prefer that option.

If it is too late and you already have a few bug bites, put a few drops of Lavender (mixed with a carrier oil) directly on the bite to help soothe the itch.

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Outdoor tip #3: grease begone!

Grilling and summertime seem to go hand in hand. If you are lucky enough to have an awesome deck or patio, grilling is a great way to enjoy the tastes of summertime while keeping your indoor spaces cool by using an alternative to your oven. You probably do not always take the time to thoroughly clean your grill after each use. No judgment there. When a steak and some grilled veggies are calling your name, you answer.

No worries if you failed to get all the leftover (and burned) pieces of food off your grill last time. This powerful mixture will help loosen it right up and make those grates shine again! Here is what you need:

  • 5 drops Lemon essential oil
  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of a natural dish detergent
  • Distilled white vinegar

Mix the lemon essential oil, baking soda, and detergent. Then, add the vinegar until your mixture is smooth like olive oil. The amount of vinegar you add is not set in stone. Just slowly put more in until you have it at the right consistency. Brush it onto your grill and let it marinate for about 15 to 30 minutes. After it has had a chance to work its magic, you can gently scrub the grill with a grill brush. Finally, rinse with water.

Leaving your grill on the highest setting for a few minutes after each use also will help dried on, stuck bits of food burn off. Just remember to turn it off after a few minutes.

Outdoor tip #4: feel the sun (not the burn)

Sunburn is no fun, but unfortunately is a common thing in the summer months. Even when you think you have applied (and reapplied) enough sunscreen, sometimes you are surprised to find your skin is a little crispy the day after a lot of outdoor time. If this happens, do not panic. Essential oils can help soothe your skin. Here are a few options I recommend. Always mix these with a carrier oil before direct application to the skin. Olive oil is a good choice when you have a sunburn.

Outdoor tip #5: quit eating my stuff!

Gardens, you know how frustrating it is to spend hours cultivating your outdoor plants. Whether you have flowering plants or a small backyard vegetable garden, some critters think they are an all-you-can-eat buffet. You do not have to give up having a garden or cover it with harmful chemical sprays to discourage animals from helping themselves to your hard work. Essential oils can help.

Cedarwood oil is super effective at discouraging snails, ants, and other buggy pests from infecting your garden. Just dilute a few drops of it in a spray bottle and spray it liberally in areas where these creepy crawlies are noshing. Best of all, it will not hurt your plants.

Taking the power of essential oils outdoors

Many of these essential oils are included in our Oils Bundle. You can get the power of essential oils for your outdoor spaces while enjoying the savings of our bundle deals. Want exclusive access to our educational resources? Join today to get the most out of your oily experience. Happy oiling!

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