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Hi! Amanda Pistner, here and I cannot wait to share my story with you. I am a southern girl living in Washington, PA.  I am doing this thing called life alongside my husband, Rich, and our three little blessings, Jackson (13), Caroline (10) and Mary Kate (8). I am a teacher and speech pathologist by training. I am a Young Living oiler by the grace of God. In order to truly understand my journey, I need to start five years ago.

In January 2014 we received the horrifying news that Jackson, seven at that time, had a cancerous brain tumor. We were blessed with amazing doctors and medical staff. His tumor was removed and he received 33 treatments of radiation. Jackson had to learn how to do so much over again, even walking. He attended therapy and worked tirelessly to get to where he is today. He is my hero. 

So, how do oils come into this scenario? My wonderful friends sent me information on essential oils from Young Living. I researched and became aware that this was the company I definitely wanted to for oils. They have a strict Seed to Seal policy, and quality is without question. I was not going to be giving my son anything that exposed him to toxins.

My biggest concern at the time i started was protecting my family from germs and toxic products. So many people were visiting Jackson, and I was so afraid his low immune system, already compromised, would come under attack. Enter the superheroes of plant-based wellness and my decision to be a proactive mama. I wanted to put my  family in a state of wellness the best way  I knew how. Help all of our bodily systems functioned as God intended, so that whatever would come our way – we could defend with the immune system we were blessed with!

After much research and talking to everyone I could, I ordered my first kit just so I could diffuse this oil. I researched what diffusing essentials oils could do. I realized that certain essential oils could clean the air. You know, that dirty germ-filled air from everyone coming in to visit? Yeah. That air. With consistent use, I fell in love. I slowly began to use the oils in that starter kit for their other uses. I had an amazing resource book and community that I went to fo help so I could make the best decisions for my family. Time and time again, I was shown the power of the plants put on this earth by God. 

Peppermint was a saving grace for inhaling after Jackson’s treatments. 

Ningxia Red was a simple and yummy way to get nutrients into my child with no appetite.

I was hooked. 

What did I do next? I told everyone about the amazing Young Living oils and products  available. I never planned to start a life of sharing oils. It was a gift placed in my lap. I had to quit my medical speech pathology job once my son became ill. Our family was down an entire income and bills were coming in like crazy. As I shared my love for the oils, friends wanted to get a kit from me. They loved them and told their friends. Long story short, I am a Silver leader at Young Living and now have the best job ever. 

I am home for my family, but still pulling an income. honestly, it doesn’t feel like work ever. I have made an entire new group of friends that are like family on this journey. I am so grateful to be here. I love the Young Living company and their commitment to quality and philanthropy. I learn new ways to use the amazing products daily. Thieves will always be my gateway oil, but I love everything I have tried. I look forward to a future of wellness with this amazing company and the love and joy it has brought into mine and my family’s life. We are grateful and blessed.

Here is one of our rollers we use at our house, we call it “Wellness”:

10 drops Thieves

10 drops Oregano

10 drops Frankincense 

10 drops Lemon

Fill the rest with carrier oil.

We apply to the bottom of our feet and along the spine a couple times a week!

Amanda Pistner

Amanda Pistner is a Silver leader with Young Living. She is a mom of 3, happy wife, lover of animals, sunsets, time with friends, and of course –  oils.  

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