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Mommas, it is SO IMPORTANT to remember after having a baby to keep yourself healthy   too.  With the lack of sleep, stress, and extra taxation on the body while it recovers from birth, you  have to remember your body needs support.  Here is what I used on my journey  after giving birth. Make sure sure to do your own research and check with your medical professional before starting any new supplements or oils!

Claraderm spray – this is especially formulated to help your lady parts recover after giving birth.  I just sprayed down there as needed! I had an episiotomy and this has been pivotal in my recovery.  

Because I  am a breastfeeding momma, this trick has really helped me! I use  Fennel essential oil  or Basil essential oil  and Clary Sage essential oil – add to a roller bottle (10 drops each to a 10ml bottle, fill with a carrier oil) and applied on the breasts around the lymph area – I did not apply while breastfeeding,  immediately before breastfeeding OR on the nipple.  I got in the routine of applying after! I also applied on the spine, at the breast level.

I LOVE my  supplements!!!! I drink at least 2-4 oz. daily of Ningxia Red, and also take Super B  , Inner Defense, Life 9, MultiGreens and Super C as directed on the instructions  on the bottle. It literally makes me feel SO GOOD, and I totally notice when i forget to take them. 

And of course – I use all my oils. In fact, I  use my favorites in a really pretty roller that brings me   joy  every time I roll it on. I recommend Astrobarn or Whimsy & Wellness as great sites for ordering pretty and unique rollers!  Their shops are right on Etsy.

One of my favorite recipes from the OIl + Glass recipe book (Found at )

Mamma Calm Roller:

15 drops Stress Away

10 drops each Lavender, Patchouli and Frankincense

5 drops Valor 

5 drops White Angelica 

Add to 10ml roller bottle and fill with carrier oil.  Use as needed to keep you grounded throughout your day. 

At nighttime, I like to drop Frankincense on my chest and wrists and put Lavender in my hair when I’m nursing. I’ll also drop a little on my sweet daughter’s head. 🙂 It keeps us so calm and burden free so we can enjoy our special quiet time. 

Also, it’s true what they recommend – SLEEP when the baby sleeps.  Sleep is absolutely crucial, it just may not be 8 hours at night time per say. And that is okay.

Love your babies, Love yourself!

Make a wish, say a prayer, create your life.

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